Protein Salads/Eggs

Protein Salads


Classic Chicken Salad

Chunky-style white chicken blended with celery in a lightly seasoned dressing.

3 LB.

Gourmet Chicken Salad

Chunky all white meat chicken blended perfectly with onions, green peppers, seasonings and mayonnaise.

3 lb.

Egg Salad

Hard cooked eggs delicately blended just right with mayonnaise and a hint of seasoning.

3 lb.

MD Style Seafood Salad

A mouth-watering blend of surimi seafood complemented with fresh celery, parsley, lemon and pepper in a mayonnaise dressing.

3 lb.

Classic Tuna Salad

Chunky-style tuna blended with a lightly seasoned mayonnaise dressing.

3 lb.

Tuna Salad

A delicious tasting tuna mixed together with fresh eggs and crunchy celery, blended in a mayonnaise dressing with onion, salt and parsley.

5 lb.


Red Beet Eggs

Tasty hard-boiled eggs soaked perfectly in a sweet and sour marinade.

60 ct., 6/12 ct., 6/6 ct.

Red Beet Eggs (Pre-Pack)

Two red beet eggs conveniently packed in a plastic pouch. Makes great ‘grab & go’ snack. Salt & pepper packet included!

12/2 ct.