Tomato Bisque

Crushed tomatoes, roasted garlic and gently sautéed and pureed vegetables, are blended into sweet cream and chicken stock. Basil enhances this delicious combination of flavors and textures.

2/4 LB.

Broccoli Cheddar Chowder

A creamy, cheddar cheesy soup with broccoli florets, tender veggies and perfectly cooked potatoes.

2/4 lb.

Chicken Corn Soup

A hearty Pennsylvania Dutch style favorite made with chicken and white and yellow corn in a flavorful chicken based stock. This soup is a meal in a bowl.

2/4 lb.

Chicken Noodle Soup

An old fashioned favorite loaded with homestyle noodles, tender chunks of white meat chicken and gently seasoned with parsley.

2/4 lb.

Chili With Beans

Lean ground beef, green peppers, onions and kidney beans simmered with tomatoes, garlic and jalapenos. Seasoned with just the right touch of spices.

2/4 lb.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

This soup has everything you’d stuff into a baked potato – cheddar cheese, sour cream, green onions, butter, salt and pepper. The red skin potatoes are gently cooked and flavorful. This is a hearty and flavorful soup!

2/4 lb.

Maryland Style Crab Soup

A traditional Chesapeake favorite teaming with crabmeat and vegetables in a tomato based sauce. We throw a couple of jalapenos into the pot for that extra kick of flavor!

2/4 lb.

Pennsylvania Dutch Style Chicken Pot Pie

This hearty combination of pulled chicken, egg noodle squares, potatoes and finely diced vegetables in a rich chicken broth. It is a delicious local favorite that is well loved all over the country.

2/4 lb.

Cream of Crab Soup Base

Ready to use. Real cream and butter, simmered until velvety smooth, finished with a touch of dry sherry.

4/4 lb.